Hypnotherapy FAQ

Get the answers to your most common questions related to hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a natural state/process. A combination of focus, imagination and the ability to follow direction.
The list is almost endless…. Allergy relief, pain management, phobias, stress relief, performance enhancement, weight management, smoking cessation and many more.!
A long time! A fellow name Franz Mesmer in the 17 – 1800 thought it was animal magnetism. Today modern clinical psychiatric trials to medical studies prove its effectiveness.
Will hypnosis work for me?
It depends…. the client needs to be at threshold.
A. Something needs to change!
B. It needs to be me!
C. It needs to be now!
It depends. Many issues can be resolved in 1 session, but it may take more.
There are no guarantees, but the short answer is yes.( If the issue returns, there is an underlying issue that is not dealt with. )
In many cases you don’t, unless you’re given a “convincer” it will seem like you have your eyes closed while talking to a friend or you are just really relaxed.
A convincer is something a hypnotist will have the client do or suggest to convince the client hypnosis has happened. ( time distortion or sticking a hand to a table.)
YES! Self hypnosis is an easily learned process


Using self hypnosis one can effectively deal with many issues privately and quickly!

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