Primary Services

Weight Management

A four session process where we use hypnosis to address cravings, habits, self-esteem, environment and beliefs.

Smoking Cessation

1 Session
The protocol; similar to weight management, but condensed.

Stress, Anxiety

There are several techniques. We will first de-traumatize, then build in anchors of confidence & happiness.

Additional Services

Pain Management

Contrary to popular belief pain is not felt at the point of the injury. The nerves have transmitted the signal that something is wrong into the brain. What we do is interrupt or reprogram how and where the signal is interpreted and dealt with.

Phobias and Fears

It’s common in life to be afraid you’re apprehensive of some things, but when that fear gets out of control and causes issues in normal life then we may need to seek help.The fear of needles the fear of public speaking, spiders and flying are some common issues that people have.

Resource Building

Building resources is something that hypnosis can be very effective with. By building confidence and enhancing already president abilities we can give the client an advantage in academic and athletic activites.

Self Confidence

Self confidence is that the core of everyone’s being. Being self-confident ads to one’s happiness and overall health. Using hypnosis to remove doubts, fears and stop hesitation is essential to being successful in life. Building successful habits, self-esteem and self-confidence simply goes a long way toward this.

Unwanted Habits

Hypnosis can be very effective in the stopping of unwanted habits. This one is one that I have went to a hypnotist myself to get help with. The issue was nail biting. I have have also had success with helping other nail-biters quit. Whatever the issue, again the particular techniques used will be tailored to the individual.

Greg also treats

Sleep improvement.
Public Speaking.
Business Improvement.
Academic and Test Improvement.
Stop chewing tobacco.
Sports Improvement.
Self Hypnosis.
Pre and Post surgery fears.
Migraine Headaches.

Weight Loss

Smoking Cessation

Anxiety & Worry

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