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Weight Loss

Smoking Cessation

Anxiety & Worry

Hello! I'm Greg Chandler.

I studied hypnosis at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, taught by Mike Mandel. I reside in Lucas County Iowa. Hypnosis is a natural and easy method of using our body’s subconscious mind, in many cases, deal with many issues, medical or psychological. Naturally, quickly and economically.

How We Cure

Weight Management

A four session process where we use hypnosis to address cravings, habits, self-esteem, environment and beliefs.

Smoking Cessation

1 Session
The protocol; similar to weight management, but condensed.

Stress, Anxiety

There are several techniques. We will first de-traumatize, then build in anchors of confidence & happiness.

Certification of Completion

Mike Mandel Enterprises Inc., in association with NLP Centres Canada, hereby acknowledges and recognizes Greg A. Chandler for having completed The Architecture of Hypnosis course at the University of Toronto (May 2018)

Mike Mandel Hypnosis,

Work with me, Greg Chandler.

I discovered opportunities in hypnosis and after doing some study about how natural and easy using our body’s own resources we could, by using the subconscious mind, in many cases heal major issues quickly and cost-effectively.effectively.

Mental discipline is
Greg Chandler’s Mission

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